Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things to do for Wednesday

Dear 5R,

I have reminded you about being aware and having impeccable manners. These are the things that I need you to do today. Please help the relief teacher.

1) Please collect the P5 camp consent forms, edusave forms and cash (for those paying by cash) separately. ((Lee Bin please help the relief teacher)

2) Mathematics Red file to be left under the table. (Isaac please ensure this)
Those who have not brought, please bring it tomorrow.

3) Please read English textbook Pages 32-39. (Everybody)

4) Synthesis & Transformation WSs

(Class please staple the whole set once the WSs are distributed.
Please complete the first 2 sets) (You do not have to hand in as you need this for Thursday.

Please bring Effective Grammar and Unit 2 MPH WS for Thursday.

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