Monday, August 10, 2009

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy National Day 5R

Recollections taught me how much Singapore has gone through and how well
5 Responsibility 2009 can do!


and send an ecard to me.
In your message, please tell me

i)what makes you proud to be a Singaporean,
ii) one thing you learnt from the recollections text and
iii) one thing you learnt from practising and performing the recollections.

Selected entries

I learnt that it was not easy for our forefathers to walk this far and that we should be grateful for what we have now - Yan Han

I am proud of Singapore because we have different races living together in one country yet we still maintain peace.I learnt that our forefathers have gone through a painful process and paid the price for us, so we have the responsibility to secure our future.I also learnt that we can acheive what we are aiming for if we work together. We are one united people. - Siew Chin

One thing I have learnt from the recollections text is that Singaporeans work together in times of crisis and have cleared many obstacles together. I also learnt what is the meaning of teamwork. During the actual performance, the videos did not work out but we did not panic and stop halfway. Thanks to everyone's effort, the show went on and we still did a great job! Kudos to everyone! - Lee Bin

"...that if our hearts are together as one,we will acheive what we want in the end" - Si Ning

:...we must stay cool anytime" - Bernice

'Recollections was not a simple task.I learnt that if we work as one mind ,one body,one soul we can accomplish anything. " Isaac

"...we must must cherish what we have and do not take things for granted." - Jia Yin

"I've also learnt that we must speak with pride about Singapore as it is our country, our homeland! " Sharon

I have learnt that we have to be aware of our situations. While we are reciting the recollections, we must be focussed and not to be influenced by the pupils who are laughing. - Kai Jie.

"Unity is strength!" - Shawn Lim

"We must make friends with people regardless of their races, languages or religions." - Ignatius

"There is a chinese saying. Backstage we train for 10 long weeks, onstage we perform for 10 minutes" - Jolene Kong.

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