Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy International Friendship Day & follow up of ASEAN blog entry

Dear 5R,

the link that was shared in class about International Friendship Day can be found here

The website is awesome. It even has audio clips to hear greetings in the various languages. (Try to explore 2 ASEAN countries each day so that you don't spend too much time online)

Follow up of ASEAN blog entry...

Many of you got the answers right. Kudos! Click here to view the answers that you have contributed.

Something to take note of. I would like all of you to start acknowledging your sources (where you got the material from).

You must learn this very useful (and vital) habit. Acknowledge you sources whether the information taken was from library books, your own books or from the internet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blend words & Clipped words

1) Click here for Blend words

2) Click here for Clipped words

Thanks to those who contributed these words in class. The power of learning never stops especially when you share!

Singapore's Tamil, Sri Lankan and Sikh communities celebrate New Year

Article from Channelnewsasia.

Click here

See also :

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Click here

School Nationals - Wednesday 730pm.


Reading Survey and links from the reading lecture.

You know where.
Please submit the reading survey by Friday.

Here are the links for you to practice for your ORAL exam.

1)Click here to find out how the words should be pronounced from Longman dictionary.

2)Click here to read about the words from the Speak Good English website. (try to learn at least 2 words a day)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Assembly Programme - International Friendship Day

Please submit by Friday.

1) What is ASEAN?

2) What are the colours of ASEAN and what does each colour symbolize?

3) What countries comprise ASEAN? For each country, please indicate their capital.

Here are two photographs from Cambodia. I personally like the second one. It is so majestic!

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