Friday, April 3, 2009

Excel Survey comments

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Green for Hope Week 5R collection - reflections

Dear 5R,
our collection for this week is 39cm. The best record thus far from another class is 129cm. Congratulations to that class! Let's ask ourselves how we can improve our collection of newspapers. Let's revisit the purpose of the Green for Hope Week.

1) What are two objectives of the Green for Hope Week which Mdm Mok briefed last Friday?

5R, please remember what our objectives are. After reading through your comments, please take note.

Objective 1:It is to recycle as many papers as we can to save our Earth!

Objective 2: It is to raise money for the needy pupils in the school.

2) Please give suggestions how we can improve our newspaper collection?

Thank you for the suggestions. We will look through them in class. However let's start collecting them and putting them in a corner of the classroom from today!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

P5 Maths Division game.

You know where...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Comprehension Practice 2 : Updated 30/03/2009

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This article is taken from ChannelNewsAsia.

Please answer questions 1 and 2. The answers can be found from the article.

Please answer question 3. This answer needs additional reading or research.

Question 1 : What are the objectives of the Chinese Challenge?

Ans : It is to promote the use of Mandarin among Chinese Singaporeans and to encourage appreciation of Chinese language and culture in Singapore.

Question 2 : What kind of questions will the Chinese Challenge comprise?

Ans: It comprises general knowledge questions about Chinese language, arts and popular culture.

Question 3a: Name one new media platform.

Ans : Few answers here. SMS, internet, blogging, MSN etc.podcasting, youtube etc

Question 3b: Name one traditional media platform.

TV, radio, newspaper etc.

Updates : Only Zi Rui has managed to get question 1 correct. Well done! For question no.2, take note. What kind of questions is not the same as what are the questions...

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