Thursday, April 2, 2009

Green for Hope Week 5R collection - reflections

Dear 5R,
our collection for this week is 39cm. The best record thus far from another class is 129cm. Congratulations to that class! Let's ask ourselves how we can improve our collection of newspapers. Let's revisit the purpose of the Green for Hope Week.

1) What are two objectives of the Green for Hope Week which Mdm Mok briefed last Friday?

5R, please remember what our objectives are. After reading through your comments, please take note.

Objective 1:It is to recycle as many papers as we can to save our Earth!

Objective 2: It is to raise money for the needy pupils in the school.

2) Please give suggestions how we can improve our newspaper collection?

Thank you for the suggestions. We will look through them in class. However let's start collecting them and putting them in a corner of the classroom from today!


Jolene Kong=) said...

1) What are two objectives of the Green for Hope Week which Mdm Mok briefed last Friday?

Objective 1:It is to recycle as many papers as we can to save our Earth!

Objective 2: It is to raise money for the needy pupils in the school.

2) Please give suggestions how we can improve our newspaper collection?

a)We can remind ourselves to bring newspaper by writing it in our homework diary.=)

weijian said...

1)Keep the earth clean and recycle things that can be recycled.

2)Everyone bring a little and it can add up to became a lot.

Kang ShaoQuan said...

1) The objectives are to minimize wastage of paper and to recycle more paper. (I think it's these answers)
2) We could get old newspapers from our neighbours and bring them to school. (If they are willing to of course!)

Lim Zheng Xuan - 5R said...

1) I have a poor memerory so i'm just gonna guess . To save the Earth and trees by recycling paper. To encourage people to reduce the usage of paper .

2)Instead of bringing the newspapers on the day before we could bring newspaper everyday till Thursday.Everyone should contribute instead of 1 person only. (including me)

Sarah ong 13 5r said...

1)First, to recycle used paper. Second, to reduce trees from cutting down.

2)We can improve by making sure everybody at least bring a bit of newspaper we have at home.

Sun Hao Ting said...

They are to donate money to the poors and we can bring newspapers everyday to improve.

Lek Kai Jie-5R said...

1)They are to help the needy pupils and for every one kilogram of newspaper, we can collect two dollars.

2)Make pupils to bring at least a bit of newspaper to contrbuite.

Kum Heng Wei said...

1)They are telling about Earth Hour and Capitaland giving $2 for every 1kg of waste paper and newspaper.
2)Forcing everyone to bring at least three kilograms of newspaper to school.HAHA!LOL!

Isaac ~5R said...

1)(i)Help save the enviroment(ii)Recycle
2)Start stocking up the newspaper from monday.

Ng Siew Chin said...

1)It is to save the enviroment and recycle paper.
2)We can start to collect the newspaper earlier than other classes and let more people contribute to this activity.

Teo Yan Han-16 said...

1) The first objective is to recycle newspapers and the second objective is to sell the newspapers for money to help the needy people.

2) I think that there's no need for improvement already. =)

Tamly Seah said...

1) It is to raise money to help needy pupils in the school and to reduce Global Warming.

2) We can bring example 5cm of newspaper/unwanted paper and plastic bottles from home or recess to school everyday.

Desmond said...

1)It is to recycle old newspaper and help needy pupils.
2)Instead of throwing away newspaper we can recycle them.

chong jia ming said...

1.To keep the environment clean.To stop globalwarming

2.everyday bring about 1 cm of newspaper

on zi rui said...

1.The objective of Green for Hope Week is to recycle and buy newspaper from school at $2 a kg and the school will donate the money it to needy pupis.

on zi rui said...

2.We can buy newspaper at 0.20 a kg and give to the school.we take the 0.20 from each $2 we get.
We can use the chinese papers and recycle them after finishing the question

wei hao said...

1) What are two objectives of the Green for Hope Week which Mdm Mok briefed last Friday?

to save the Earth
to get money for the poor chidren in our school.

June-4 said...

1)To recycle used things and help the earth
2)We can collect old newspapers from our friends and relatives.

Yin YiRan said...

1)They are to save recycle paper and to help the school to make money.
2)Maybe everyone bring 3cm of newspaper per day then we will have 120cm of newspaper per day!

JOYCE~ said...

1. They are to awared others about Earth Hour so that they will turn off their lights for a hour to do their part for the Earth.

2.Make every student in 5r bring 1cm of newspaper everyday. In ms lee class, we were told to bring 5cm or more.

bernice said...

1)the first objective is that we are selling those newspaper to Capitaland and th second objective is that the money collected from those newspaper are to help those poor people.
2)we can ask people to donate as many newspaper as they can.

Jia_Yin said...

1] It is to help recycling of paper, and the Capital Mall is offering us $2.00 for 1 kg of newspaper.We can use the money we earn to help the needy pupils in our school.

2]Maybe we can give a token or something to the class with the highest stack of newspaper or encourage them to bring more nespaper to help needy pupils.

Lee Bin said...

1. To save the Earth and help the needy pupils in our school.

2. Ask everybody to bring at least 5cm of paper per week. They can choose to bring different amounts on different days.

Michelle said...

Mr Dass, Si Ning & I were helping Mr Lim with the mass excersise equipment so we missed it.

Marcus-27 said...

1) Capitaland wants to pay $2 for every kg of newspaper to help recycle paper.

2) Bring some newspaper consistently from Monday - Thursday. If the whole class contributes, very soon, the newspaper our class has donated will pile up.

Ong Si Ning~12~ said...

Dear Mr Dass,

Sorry to tell you that Michelle and I were not around when Mdm Mok was briefing about the newspaper collection.So I cannot answer question 1.Thank you for your understanding.

2)Everyone will bring some newspaper on a certain day.

Xiao JieYing-18 said...

Q1)first,we can recycle the papers to save our earth.second,we can take the money that we sell to help those pupils who had diffiulties.

Q2)The teacher may also bring some newspapers to recycle.

--->Fung Ting Wei<--- (26) said...

1)Mdm Mok said that the newspaper that we had recycle will be exchange for some money and Mdm Mok also said that each KG of newspaper that we had donated will be changed for $2.

2)We should bring the newspaper once a week and put the newspaper that we had donated outside our classroom and the school uncles will carry them to the recycle.

Sharon Loh said...

Capital Land is buy 1kg of Newspaper at $2 and our school will also have the 'Newspaper Collections'.

We can present a pupil in each class that bought the most newspaper in a class a prize.This prize encarage more pupils to bring more newspaper to school.Our school will have more money to help to low income's family.

Ivan-28 said...

1) They are to help the needy pupils and recycle papers.
2) We can do it twice instead of once a week.

Edgar Chong said...

1)They are donating tthe money for the needy people and the save to save trees.

2)Bring some stack of newspaper everyday.

Sharmaine Yap said...

the objective is to recycle as many papers as we can save to save our Earth and to raise money for the needy pupils

Sharmaine Yap said...

hmmmmm....i am still thinking, I know we can give duties to who should bring the newspaper on that day

Trixie Mak Hong Teng - 5R said...

1)Objective 1: To save the Earth by recycling paper.
Objective 2: To donate the money to needy pupils.
2)Everyone can bring some newspapers to school everyday.