Friday, March 20, 2009

Anti-Drug Ambassador Booklet Video

Dear 5R, please do not forget your anti-drug ambassador card.

Part 1

Part 2

Interesting news articles.

Click here AYG mascot revealed!

Taken from Channelnewsasia

Click here HWS Health Blog on HFMD, Type 3 Dengue, Gaming Addiction and taking 100 steps per minute.

Mathematics Parallel Questions

Click here for P5 Mathematics CA1 parallel questions.

You have to do this exercise in a Mathematics Revision/Corrections exercise book.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Total Defence Game - no more than 20 minutes complete by Friday.

Dear 5R,

In this game called ‘The Defenders’, you have to protect his country (Harmoniland) and people (Harmonians) from some intruders who are known as the ninjas.

You have to complete the challenges presented. Upon completion of each stage, you may move on to the next stage with a certain number of points. You have to do your best to get as many points as you can. The more points you have, the better prepared you are to defend Harmoniland.

You can choose either the easy or challenging version. Either version allows you to play a part for the island.

Type in your name and school and class when the game loads. Can you overcome the current high scores?


After you have played the game,
please write in comments, what the aspects of total defence are and one learning point from each aspect of total defence.

Hint : Click on the 'Get Ready and be Prepared' option before starting the challenge.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Comprehension Practice 1 -Swimming: Singapore's Quah Ting Wen going for hat-trick - please complete by Thursday 9pm

10 minutes

Dear 5R,

This article is taken from ChannelNewsAsia.

here for Comprehension Practice 1 and answer the questions below.


1) According to the passage, on which day was Ting Wen more impressive when she was competing? Which word in the passage tells us this?

It was on Saturday. The word is 'eclipse'.

The clue here is more impressive.

2) Which two-word phrase has the same meaning as going after?

The word is 'gunning for'.

3) Give two reasons why Oon Gin Gee is looking forward to the swimmers' performances when they represent Singapore in the near future.

The records came from several homegrown swimmers and their preparations look good for the major meets ahead of them.

You have to try to write in your own words.

I will publish your answers once all of you have sent me your answer via comments. Please check your tenses, spelling and ask yourself what the question is asking for. Please type in your name and index number at Name/URL when you click on the comments link.

Class, please read for the information from the text. I am sure you can do much better. Those who got the questions right, WELL DONE! Those who didn't KEEP TRYING!