Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things to do for Thursday

Dear 5R,

I hope that all of you behaved well yesterday.
Remember be aware. Impeccable manners.

These are the things that I need you to do today.

1) Please collect the rest of the P5 camp consent forms, edusave forms and cash (for those paying by cash) separately. ((Lee Bin please help the relief teacher)
Please also collect the parents survey form (English or Chinese) for those who didn't hand in on Tuesday.

2) Mathematics Red file to be left under the table. (Isaac please ensure this)
Those who have not brought, please bring it during the parents meeting.

3) Challenging Problem WS x 2 - You are allowed to do this in pairs. Please hand in the WSs to the relief teacher.

4) Please read English textbook Pages 42-45 and 51-57. (Everybody)

5) Synthesis & Transformation WSs - please do the next two sets. Please hand them in.

6) Effective Grammar - please do the first 10 pages.

7) During the last period, please arrange the tables and chairs according to what we dicussed on Tuesday. (Please remember not to drag the tables and chairs.)

Note for parents meeting tomorrow.
- You must bring your English and Maths CA1 paper.
- Please adhere to the timing given. Please wear your school uniform.

Holiday homework will be blog entries.

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