Monday, March 2, 2009

Revision Practice 2

Please try out these 2 exercises. For the comprehension cloze, please try not to click the clue button until you have tried to answer all the questions at least once.

Good luck!

1) Click here for S & T 2

2) Click here for Comprehension Cloze 2

3) Click here for Editing for Spelling and Grammar

Please type in your marks in comments.


ķÃИğ şĤåôØטāŋ 5Ŗ said...

I scored full marks in the 1st two practices and 96% in the 2nd and i spotted a mistake in the 3rd one the word house is spelled as 'hourse'...

Kum Heng Wei said...

I scored full marks for Editing for Spelling and Grammar

Lim Zheng Xuan - 5R - said...

Synthesis and Transformation I got 95% I don't know how to do question 5 and was out of time.:(

I got 52% for comprehension cloze.:<

I got 100% for Editing for spelling and grammer.

Jolene=) said...




Ignatius ~5R said...


lim zheng xuan - 5R said...

I tried a secong try and my comprehension jumped to 80% I still can't solve 2 questions.

June Tan said...




JoycE =] said...

i scored 99% for the S+T 2, 66% for comprehension cloze 2 and 55% for editing for spelling and grammar.

wish all of u good luck in ur english paper! =]

"try to get A*"

sarah_ong _5r said...

Sorry, Mr Dass. I failed you! I scored only 28%. I didn't even score one question correctly for the first time!


Desmond said...


Isaac Tay said...


The comprehension cloze is too restrictive, cannot accept other words with the same meaning.... ie, collided, bumped, knocked have the same meaning, aren't they. So sad... :S

sarah_ong _5r said...

For the english compre cloze2, i got 61%. I had improved!

sarah_ong _5r said...

For the editing for spelling and grammar, i scored 100%! WOO HOOO so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Dass said...

Thanks Shaoquan.

Got your note Isaac. I'll try to allow the program to accept more answers, although the online worksheet did accept collided.

Don't worry, all of you keep on trying hard. You are getting there.

Ng Siew Chin said...

Get full marks for first two exercises but i can't open the file for Editing for Spelling.

yising said...


Tamly Seah said...

I got the 1st 2 exercises wrong but I got editing for spelling and grammer correct!

liyun said...

i cannot really remember the marks for the first two exercises but for spelling and grammer i got 81%