Saturday, July 18, 2009

NE show reflections.

Qn 1 : What was the best part of the show?
Qn 2 : Which part of the show can be improved?
Qn 3: What was most memorable part of the NE show experience?

Post your answer in comments.

Remember do not post your index numbers.

"The most memorable part of the show? Like my other classmates, I also felt that the rain was the most memorable! The rain helped us show that we care for each other.

Also, it showed that we fellow Singaporeans will contine to support Singapore while meeting problems.(Saying the pledge while the rain poured down!)" - Jolene Kong


Lee Bin said...

1.The fireworks.I had not seen fireworks right before my eyes before.
2.Nothing in particular. It was quite well done.
3. The rain of course! It was so much fun being wet together with my classmates. That was the first time i stood in such big rain. I feel so hyper at that moment.

Ng Siew Chin said...

1) The best part was the fire works, I can't believe that I can see it live!
2)For improving part, I think when we are watching the show, we keep as quiet as possible even though the volume of the microphone was loud enough.
3)The most memorable part is when we are sitting in the bus going back to school. Some of us share what they did during that period of time.

Kang ShaoQuan said...

Qn 1 : What was the best part of the show? It was when the rain came at the end and we got wet.
Qn 2 : Which part of the show can be improved? There were too many people absent...
Qn 3: What was most memorable part of the NE show experience? The rain as there was chaos.

Lim Zheng Xuan ~ 5R said...

Qn 1 : To me the best part of the show was the Red Lions way above our heads jumping out of the helix and landing flawlessly.

Qn 2 : I think the NE show is very well organised but I feel that the Fighter Jets can be improved because this year only three fighter jets flew above us and it ended quickly, not much of an air show .

Qn 3 : I think during the night hanging out with friends under the beautiful fireworks while it rained was the most memorable, the reason is I got a slight flu so I can still remember it clearly we were all feeling proud under rainfall.

June said...

1) It was during the fireworks as they were amazing.

2) The duration of the fireworks can be made longer.

3) It was the part when we were singing the national anthem, it was raining.

Heng Wei said...

1)It was when the helicopter flew past.
2)The part when there were boats in the sea.
3)It is when it rained.

Jolene Kong said...

1) It was the amazing fireworks display, of course! Until now, I still cannot believe that I saw those fireworks dancing in the sky while it was raining!
2) In my opinion, the NE show was done quite well, but I believe that the Jet planes could have done some stunts before it ended within a few seconds.
3) The most memorable part of the show? Like my other classmates, I also feel that the rain was the most memorable! The rain helped us show that we care for each other and us, teamwork of all the students in the stadium.Also, it showed that we fellow Singaporeas will contine to support Singapore while meeting problems.(Saying the pledge while the rain poured down!)

Marcus Ho said...

1) The best part of the show was when the rain came pouring down and the fire works still worked.

2) They could have had a helicopter chase. That would be interesting.

3) The rain of course! I can still remember all of us soaking wet.


1) The best part of the show is the fireworks... as i have never seen any fireworks, but i have, in my dreams. =]

2) i think nothing in the show can be improved because there is not a flaw in any of the programs.

3) The most memorable part of the NE show is the rain before the national anthem, we were soaked with rain... but it was fun, we bathe with rainwater for the first time and we helped conserve water... =]


Si Ning said...

1)I think the best part of the
show is when the parachutists
jump down from the
helicopter.They were very brave.
If I were asked to jump,I would
not dare to.Especially those
whom had jumped three thousand
times or more successfully,I
would have a heart attack.
2)I think there was a no need to
improve.The show were quite
3)It was of course the part which
it started raining when we are
singing the national anthem.We
all started to wear our raincoat
as we were all drenched.Even our
bags were all wet.

bernice said...

1)the best part of the show is during the fireworks.Its was my first time seeing the fireworks in the floating platform.
2)they can put much more patterns to the fireworks.
3)it is when the rain came pouring down.

Desmond Tan said...

1)It was the amazing fireworks at the end.
2)It was when the fireworks came out in the middle of the parade without warning.
3)It was the heavy downpour.

Sharmaine Yap said...

1)it was the fireworks
2)the boats in the water
3)the rain

Sharon said...

Qn1: The best of the show is where The Red Lion jump down! I have never senn it live before!!!
Qn2:should be more space infornt of our seats, so that we can but our bags
Qn3: The most memorale part is at the end of the NE Show when it rained. We all got wet but everyone still stand there and sang 'Stand Up for Singapre'! I will never forget it !!!

Jia Yin said...

Qn 1: It was during when the huge balls came down, everyone were trying to catch it.
Qn 2: Nothing much to improved, it was okay.
Qn 3: It was when it rained and we were all drenched.I would not forget it forever.

siqi 5R said...

1)the part is the parade when the soldiers marched pass.

2)the fireworks part it should be longer.

3)the part whenit was raining and there was also fireworks.

Tamly Seah said...

1) The fireworks although I didn't catch much of it but its nice.
2) Not the show but the wheather. The wheather was terrible!
3)When everyone waved their lighted hearts it was beautiful!!!

weijian9898 said...

1)The BEST part is of course the fireworks and we were SOAKING WET.

2)The jet can be longer and do MORE stunts.

3)The first time carrying activity in the BIG rain.

Edgat Chong said...

1)Of course it is the fireworks ! It is so beautiful.

2)I think when the fireworks and about the start, they should imform us.

3)The sudden rain is the most memorable as all of us got drenced and when we got into the bus, we are all frozen.

Ting Wei =D said...

1)When i saw my bro marching with his friends.The marching is very nice.=P

2)The seats, i seating until my buttocks are in pain,i prefer the benches.=( They should add a shelter.The show should be longer a little bit.

3)The raining part is the best!!! I can have the chance to walk with my friends in the rain (without any umbrella and poncho)...but so sad is my hp and camera are all spoil. =(

Chong Jia ming said...

1.the fire works but it is raining causing me taking some fire work
2.a small place for us

YiSiNg said...

1)the best part was when there was a video clip about what sang nila utamah saw and then the cute ambassader for courtesy suddenly popped out.. it was so funny.
2)i think that they should make the fireworks more spectacular as my sis said last year's one was very spectacular...
3)it is the rain as it is very cooling and fun i could almost play in the rain(too bad i did not wear my sport shoes and i slipped down the stairs...XC)

Xiao JieYing-5R said...

1)The best part is the fire works,cause is was so nice.

2)The seats should be improved.

3)I think the memorable part is the rain.

Ignatius said...

1)What was the best part of the show? I love the dazzling fireworks.

2)Which part of the show can be improved? There should be a shelter to protect us from a heavy downpour.

3)What was most memorable part of the NE show experience? The rain.It was the first time raining during the NE show.There was much chaos and I was drenched all over.Even my shoes had bubbles when I stepped on the ground.

Ivan said...

1) The rain was the best part of the show.
2) There were too many dances, lesser air shows.
3) Everyone was standing under the heavy downpour, getting drenched while the show was still on.

Yin YiRan said...

1)I think the best part of the show is the fireworks.
2)I think the stage should be bigger.
3)When everybody raise their heart, that is so beautiful!!!!!It was like, there are stars around you.

Isaac Tay~5R said...

1) The best part of the show was when the rain came gushing down and ,we were soaked to the bone,while the fire works were still popping like a popcorn.
2)They should dropped popcorn,junk foood and sweets,etc when the planes and helicopters were above us.
3)It was the rain.It walked in the rain like a king but except not as drenched.It was freaking awesome but it cause me to catch a cold.My handphone and camera almost spoilt.

Sun Hao Ting said...

1.Fireworks.Since i can only see fireworks once in a while.
3.The rain and my suffering in it.:(

Lek Kai Jie said...

1)When they showed what will the Singapore armed forces will do when there is a terrorist attack.

2)Not to use too much fireworks at the front, so that the fireworks can be improve.

3)When they showed the video clip that our prime minister said that there was a heavy rain during the first NDP, and it rained.

Teo Yan Han-16 said...

1) The fireworks of course! It was kinda nice! I would like to watch it again...

2) I think there is really no need for any improvement..

3) The rain!! =) Oh my gosh.. Its like so romantic-watching fireworks in the rain.. I've never done it before. LOL!

sarah ong said...

1) The best part is the fireworks as I had not any on live before!

2)Nothing. It seems okay to me!

3) It was the downpour during the night as I had not been drenched with my classmates before!

kerin- 5R said...

Q1. the best part is the part when we are going to go home and then it rains heavily.
Q2. When the airplanes fly too fast. I think it could fly round and round to let us take a video of it.
Q3. The part when we are going to go home. It rains heavily, I still can remember what had happened at that time.

WKWEI(39,5R) said...

1)When the arm forces show their best weapon in the fight between them and the terrorist.

2)When the red lions were in the air they should at least signal the audience for maybe some audience cannot notice it.

3)When it rain while we were singing the second national athem

~Michelle~ said...

Qn 1: It was When we saw the Singapore stars live, especially Mark Lee and Suhaimi.

Qn 2: There were too many other Singapore stars like Gurmit Singh missing.

Qn 3:Definately the when the guns fired, it was VERY VERY loud.

LiYun said...

1) The best part was the fireworks and the airplane which was flying overhead.

2)I think thatthe red lions should at least show that they are landing because if they did not signal us we will not even notice them.
3) Well, the most merorable part was the rain .The rain made the NE so speacial and unforgetable.

Aui Yong Wei Hao said...

1)The best part of the show iswhen the fireworks go 'exploding' all over us.

2)There are too much histories about singapore.

1)The most memorable part of the NE show experience is when the weather suddenly changed and we were drenched by the downpour. I can still remember that when I sang the national anthem, saying the plegde, etc. , I feel so proud that I live in Singapore.

Trixie Mak Hong Teng ~ 5R said...

Qn 1: The best part of the show was when the boats started shooting some kind of cannonballs or something and it was pretty cool.

Qn 2: The part that can be improved is the fighter jets as there were only three and I didn't manage to capture them even with the video option...

Qn 3: The most memorable part was when the fireworks popped up and it started raining heavily, everyone was soaking wet!! It also reminded me of the relationship we had with other races as we faced the rain together.

cxy said...

The fireworks though it was just a while.
The singlish.Mediacorp artist Mark lee is making tremdously amount of singlish
The rain.I think that was a chaosand i think the other ne shows will not rain but it was fun singing songs in the rain.

shawnlim said...

The best part of the show is the fireworks.I think the fireworks can be improved as they put a little bit less fireworks.The most memorable part is the rain.It make my whole body wet and colddd.