Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ancient Civilisations - Group work

1) Please log on with your google account here
2) Please focus on religion (compulsory)(Body 1) and choose either
i)architecture or
ii)discoveries or
iii)education (writing and learning) for Body 2.

Index numbers 1 to 8 - Ancient Rome.
Index numbers 9 to 16 - Ancient Greece
Index numbers 17 to 24 - Ancient India (Maurya Empire)
Index numbers 25 to 32 - Ancient Iraq (Mesopotamia)
Index numbers 33 to 40 - The Incas

You may want to use these websites for further information.




3) These are your roles in your pairs. You may surf for the information together but only one person per pair may type at their relevant slide. Please only edit the slide/s assigned to you. However, you may view the other slides. You are also reminded to use your own words as far as possible.

First pair – Title and the introduction (1st slide)
(Index numbers 1,2,9,10,17,18,25,26,33,34)

Second pair – Body 1 and 2 (2nd and 3rd slide)
(Index numbers 3,4,11,12,19,20,27,28,35,36)

Third pair – Images (4th slide)
(Index numbers 5,6,13,14,21,22,29,30,37,38)

Fourth pair – Conclusion (5th slide)
(Index numbers 7,8,15,16, 23,24,30,31,39,40)

All – references – (6th slide)

You may refer to pages 15 to 18 of your EL textbook as a guide.

You have approximately 20 minutes to complete this activity.

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