Monday, October 12, 2009

Inspirational? You decide.

Dear 5R,

please read these two articles.



Comments please.


Desmond Tan said...

These stories are very inspiring.

Mr Dass said...

Why are they inspiring?

Kang ShaoQuan said...

These stories inspire me to persevere in everything and do my best.

Jolene Kong said...

It was so touching when Mr Kamkwamba educated himself with only library books and had such a brave dream to bring electricity to his village that had never had it before.
Also, it was simply amazing that a 16-year-old teenager Babar Ali had set up a school for those too poor to go to normal school.
I have learnt that we must always be humble and however bold your dream is, just dont give up and you will achieve it!

Chong jia ming said...

even though they are poor,they still work hard how inspiring

Ang Jia Yin said...

I think that Barbar Ali and Mr Kamwamba are very inspiring. Although they are poor they still find ways to help their village. Like Barbar Ali, he taught the children in his age of just nine. Mr Kamwamba's dream was to bring electricity to his village and he achieved it.

YiSiNg said...

What Babar Ali is doing is giving the poverty stricken children not only education, but also a better future to look forward to.