Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Endangered species E-card and capture the moment.

1)Please click here

Choose an e-card and send it to my yahoo email address using the link above and in the e-card, in the message box,

i) choose an endangered animal and tell me what is threatening it
and (you can choose any endangered animal not only those found on the e-cards...)
ii)why we must protect endangered animals

Please check your spelling and tenses.

2)Please click here for an endangered species game

In this game, try to take photographs of the animals in the Costa Rican jungle. Please tell me your score and what interesting animal photo you took in comments. You must click very quickly as the animals are always disappearing.


Lim Zheng Xuan ~ 5R said...

My score is 1419 Here are some pics I got :

1. Male capuchin Monkey ( 180 points )
2.Channel-billed Toucan ( 177 points )
3. Rhinoceros Beetle ( 189 points )
4.Female Capuchin Monkey ( 363 points )
5.Female capuchin monkey ( 316 points )
6.Rhinoceros beetle ( 194 points )

Kang ShaoQuan said...

I took a picture of the capuchin monkey both male and female, Rhinoceros beatle and the green iguana.

Desmond Tan said...

I took a green iguana,female and male capuchin monkey,rhinoceros beetle and channel-billed toucan.

Sining said...

I scored 1744 marks.I took some photos of examples :green iguana,channel-billed toucan and male capuchin monkey.

Ng Siew Chin said...

Thank you for giving us the link. For the game, I was curious why I only got a few same animals.

Marcus 27 said...

I scored 2738 points.
I saw some weird animals but i do not know what they are. :)

Sharon said...

I took pictures of Male Capuchin Monkey,Female Capuchin Monkey,Channel-billed Toucan,Coati,Rhinoceros Beetle.
My Score is:1624

Yin YiRan said...

I scored 4346 marks. I took the pictures of the Green Iguana, Male and female Capuchin Monkey, Coati, Rhinoceros Beetle and Channel-billed Toucan.

Teo Yan Han-16 said...

I scored 1720. Some of the animals I haven't even heard of it before! I took pictures of Channel-billed Toucan, Green layana and Male/Female Capuchin Monkey!

cxy said...

i scored 4798. i took a animal like a fish which i scored 200 because the remark say right in the shot and focus the rest i scored all over hundred.The coati i scored only 101 because i was a biit out of angle

WKWEI(39,5R) said...

Green Iguana-3,(103,113&140p)
Female Capuchin Monkey-1(301ps)
Rhinoceros Beetle-1(175ps)
Coati Female Capuchin Monkey-1(186ps)


Xiao JieYing-5R said...

My scored is 1028,i took pictures of Green lguana,coati,male capuchin monkey and rhinoceros beetle.

Jia Yin said...

I scored 3971 points. I caught animals like Couti, male and femail Capuchin Monkey,Green Iguana and Rhinocerous Beetle.XD

Jolene ~5R said...

My score: 1559(Shutter Bug)
I've got:
Channel-billed toucan,Female capuchin monkey,Male capuchin monkey, Coati,Rhinoceros Beetle and a green iguana! I have never heard of some of them, so can i ask my friends tomorrow?

Joyce said...

i scored 2097. i took a picture of 2 green iguana, channel-billed toucan, 3 female and 2 male capuchin monkey, 2 coati, rhinoceros bettle. I have not heard of the name before let alone knows what the animal is. it is very interesting. thank you mr dass for sharing with us this website.

YiSiNg said...

i scored 1780
i got these:
green iguana+channel-billed toucan(266,298)
channel-billed toucan(119 ,113 ,165 ,125,238,118)
green iguana(110)

Edgar Chong said...

I got the channel-billed Toucan,Female and male capuchin monkey,Coati,Green Iguana.I got 1706.

Mr Dass said...

You guys are much better than me. By the time I tried to focus to get a clearer shot, the animals disappeared.

Lek Kai Jie said...

Toucan-1 (196)
Green Iguana-1 (143)
Female Capuchin Monkey-3 (386)
Male Capuchin Monkey-3 (749)
Total score-1540

Mr dass, you don`t really need to focus. As you focus you tend to miss it and when you don`t focus, you will get lesser points but if you accumulate points, you will get even more. XD

Lee Bin said...

The Rhinoceros. Humans are threatening it by poaching them. We have to protect the animals because we all live together on this Earth. Not only humans live here right? We have absolutely no right to take their home away. If more and more species of animals go extinct, our food chain will also be affected and our future generations will not be able to see these majestic animals alive.

Tamly Seah said...

My score: 778
I am not very good at taking photographs on the computer. It is really dark.
I took pictures of...
1. Channel-billed Toucan
2. Female Capuchin Monkey
3. Rhinoceros Beetle
( I only took 3)

~Michelle~ said...

Score: 385 :(
Animals: Male Capuchin Monkey
Rinoceros Beettle

FTW said...

Channel-billed Toucan (330)
Male capuchin monkey (250)
coaticoati (233)
Female capuchin monkey (156)
coati (394)

Li Yun said...

i scored 2097 i managed to take the picture of the famale and male monkey which i took many times and the iguana .But i do not remember what other pictures i took

June said...

Female capuchin monkey(x3)
Channel-billed Toucan(x3)
Green Iguana(x2)
Rhinoceros Beetle

aywh said...

My score is 5351

Mr Dass, I got a method to get high score.When an animal appear, u take as many pictures of it as you can.wish you good luck.

cxy said...

My score is 5436 the animal are caoti/ green iguna and etc

Ignatius said...

male capuchin monkey(266)
male capuchin monkey(266)
male capuchin monkey(266)
male capuchin monkey(266)
male capuchin monkey(266)
male capuchin monkey(266)
channel-billed toucan(181)
channel-billed toucan(184)
rhinoceros beetle(212)
channel-billed toucan(206)
channel-billed toucan(201)
channel-billed toucan(206)
female capuchin mankey (187)
female capuchin monkey(179)
female capuchin monkey(184)
female capuchin monkey(179)
female capuchin monkey(181)
female capuchin monkey(213)
female capuchin mankey(218)
greean iguana(236)
male capuchin monkey(173)
3 zeros
This is the sixth try.

bernice said...

i scored 4698.i took some photos of green iguana,channel-billed toucan,coati
channel-billed toucan,green iguana

sarah ong said...

I scored 1465

Isaac Tay said...

green iguana
male capuchin monkey
channel billed toucan
female capuchin monkey
rhino beetle

Sharmaine said...

My score is 1414
the animals are:
Female capuchin Monkey
Green Iguana
Channel-billed Toucan
Male Capuchin Monkey

Chong jia ming said...

very poor:about3095.I caught,coati,greeniaguana,male capuchin monkey,rhinoceros beetle,channelbilled toucan.

zhen si qi 5r said...

I scored:2247 points.
Took:channel-billed toucan, rhinoceros beetle and male and female capchin monkeys.

kerin- 5R said...


Green Iguana (152,194,203,215,215,190)

total score : 1705

shawnlim said...

green Iguana(201)
green Iguana (198)
channel-billed toucan(176)
female capchin monkey(113)
Total score:2098
female capchin monkey(204)

weijian9898 said...

Total score:2768

Trixie Mak Hong Teng ~ 5R said...

1. Green Iguana ( 175 points )
2. Green Iguana ( 174 points )
3. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 197 points )
4. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 194 points )
5. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 191 points )
6. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 188 points )
7. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 190 points )
8. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 179 points )
9. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 176 points )
10. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 184 points )
11. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 185 points )
12. Female Capuchin Monkey ((182 points)this one is jumping lols)
13. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 189 points )
14. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 188 points )
15. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 188 points )
16. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 187 points )
17. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 184 points )
18. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 194 points )
19. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 199 points )
20. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 199 points )
21. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 199 points )
22. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 199 points )
23. Female Capuchin Monkey ( 199 points )

Total score : 4340 ( Super Star Photographer )

Tips from Tristan : Those shots are money! Maybe you should be giving me tips instead! lols